Phil Collins is adamant: Genesis will no longer exist after December 16, when the English prog legends will give the last show of their The Last Domino tour? in Boston.

In an interview in the November issue of Mojo (via Louder), Collins, 70, dismisses the idea that the trio could extend their current tour until 2022, insisting: “This English and American tour will be enough for me. . ”

To writer Tom Doyle asking if he’s officially removing the question mark from the tour’s title, Collins replies, “Yes. The question mark was Tony Banks idea. “

“I think it kinda depends on how it goes,” the keyboardist tells Mojo. “How Phil resists all of this. How the audience receives it, and how we all feel about it, really. ”

Interviewed on the BBC Breakfast News last week, Collins spoke candidly about his deteriorating health, revealing he can “barely hold a drum stick.”

The Last Domino tour? will include “a majority” of music from the Peter Gabriel period, dating back to Selling England By The Pound in 1973, as well as tracks from The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway in 1974 and Wind & Wuthering in 1976.

The trio will release a new collection, The Last Domino ?, as a four-disc and double-CD box set on September 17, featuring rare and never-before-seen footage from their archives and excerpts from tour rehearsals. . It can be pre-ordered now, via the following link:

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