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The Trump administration granted ByteDance a 15-day extension to the stripping order directing the Chinese company to sell its short video on TikTok – sharing the app by Thursday, the company said in a lawsuit on Friday.

ByteDance said it now has until November. 27 to reach an agreement. The company is in talks about a deal with Walmart. And Oracle. To convert TikTok’s U. s. Assets in a new entity.

ByteDance filed a petition Tuesday to U. s. The District Court of Appeals is challenging the Trump administration’s withdrawal.

Yo. s. President Donald Trump in August. 14 requests directed ByteDance to withdraw the app within 90 days. That time window expired on Thursday.

The Trump administration claims TikTok is raising national security concerns, saying U personal data. . s. It can be obtained by the government of China. TikTok, which has over 100 million yo. s. The users deny the allegations.

One big problem that persists is the ownership structure of the new company, TikTok Global, that will own TikTok’s U. s. Assets.

In the court file on Tuesday, ByteDance said it made a fourth proposal last Friday which is considering tackling U. s. Concerns’ by creating a new wholly owned entity of Oracle, Walmart and U. s. Investors in ByteDance, that will be responsible for doing business with TikTok’s U. s. User data and content moderation.

Separate restrictions on TikTok from U. s. The Commerce Department has been banned by federal courts, including restrictions on transactions that were due to go into effect Thursday and which TikTok has warned that it may effectively prohibit use of the app in the US.

Apple Inc banned by the Department of Commerce. And Alphabet Inc. Google offers TikTok to download for the new U. s. Users set to be effective in September. 27 was also banned.

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