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Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Jan.. 10, 2020 / PRNewswire / – Quora Holding, a Saudi Arabia-based investment firm that has been operating in 11 countries for over 25 years, announced its new identity and business strategy today. It represents a new phase in the Saudi business and aims to achieve digital integration of its subsidiaries in finance, real estate and technology. Quora Holding takes advantage of its advanced digital capabilities, better synergies between its various business areas, improves operations and offers its customers better products and services. Quora Holding includes a digital business incubator for high potential projects aimed at Saudi Arabians and the entire GCC region.

Quora Holding represents a new generation of investment companies that will integrate modern technology solutions into traditional sectors such as real estate and financial services.

Welcoming the launch and highlighting Quora Holding’s strategic vision, Quora Holding CEO Ziyad al chara He said, “Changes in business trends allow Quora to pursue a flexible strategy with technology at its core. By investing in digital assets in our holdings and operations of our subsidiaries, we achieve better growth, better profitability and better investment service. “

El Char also highlighted Quora Holding’s ability to drive its companies to innovate financially. “Based on our new business model, we are looking forward to significant growth and improving the competitiveness of our subsidiaries. We will continue on our digital transformation journey and introduce additional financial innovations including blockchain and fintech, both cutting-edge services that will play a key role in many business areas over the next decade, ”he said.

Quora Holding will enable its holdings and subsidiaries to increase their market share, increase their competitiveness and benefit from global and regional business opportunities, especially in the post-COVID epidemic.

The investment and subsidiary of Quora Holding has listed the real estate development company Saudi Arab in Dar al-Arakan. Dar al-Arkan properties; Financial services company Al Khair Capital, Saudi Home Loan, Bahrain Financing Company (BFC), and Malem Financing; Independent logistics company; Taj Lifestyle Center; T’azur Insurance Company; Dar Al Arakan Online; Quora payment; And Quart Blockchain Ventures.

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