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Felix “PewDiePie” Kjellberg was awarded the title “Most Beautiful Face of 2020” in a newly uncovered list. The popular YouTuber beat a number of actors, musicians, and other celebrities from around the world for this title, and as such, fans definitely have a lot of thoughts on the subject.

TC Candler today published its annual lists of the most beautiful and beautiful faces in the world. The publication has been doing this since 1990, with each list being compiled along with The Independent Critics. In the past few years, every diagram has been posted on YouTube and it soon sparked a lot of conversation from fans around the world.

After PewDiePie was named the most beautiful face of the year, he immediately started the social media trend for two very different reasons. Some longtime fans of the YouTuber were thrilled to see him on this year’s list. Others, however, were surprised by the selection and were incredibly surprised to see who he defeated.

In fairness, PewDiePie’s selection is a bit surprising at first, but not so much if you’ve checked out TC Candler’s previous lists. PewDiePie finished second overall in 2019 and only lost to K-Pop star Jungkook. Before that he was fourth in 2018, seventh in 2017 and 18th in 2016. . Basically, PewDiePie has been slowly moving up this list for a few years now, so it’s not too worrying to finally see him top the list.

What do you think about that? Do you think PewDiePie deserves this award or are you shocked that he won? Let me know in the comments or log on to Twitter @ MooreMan12 for more chat.

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Omg Pewdiepie became number 1 prettiest face in 2020 and Taehyung became number 2, if that’s not the power of internet idk, what’s the picture?. Twitter. com / GRr9jsYILj

So you’re telling me that Pewdiepie is more attractive than Zayn Malik and Harry Styles I-pic. Twitter. com / 98BQJqY9FV


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