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KAI Sotto certainly still has a lot to do in his game before he can get involved in the same conversation with some of his colleagues colleagues at Ignite.

But for a design expert in the US, portraying the Filipino prodigy in the two skirmishes the selected team had against NBA G League veterans is a good start to pursuing their NBA dream.

Mike Schmitz, an NBA draftsman and contributor to DraftExpress. com wrote in his scouting report to ESPN the positives and negatives he saw for all five Ignite prospects based on what he saw in the scrimmages.

“Sotto’s scrimmage accomplishments wouldn’t mean he’s ready to play in the NBA tomorrow, but the fact that he’s learning how to play an NBA style on both ends of the floor while facing the realities of his Exposed to Strengths and Strengths Weaknesses could play a role in accelerating its development, “he wrote.

Sotto’s role at Ignite is vastly different from the one he played in high school with Ateneo, with Gilas Pilipinas Youth in international play, and even for The Skill Factory in Atlanta during the first part of his US training.

Sotto is used to being the right man and is used more as an RPG at Ignite, an adaptation that the 18-year-old has to adapt to.

“At the Fiba level, where Sotto has been a force for the Philippines, he’s the right man and can play at his own pace using his excellent touch and footwork on the block while manning the paint defensively without doing this. “to protect the scope. That probably would have continued to some extent in the slower college game, “he said.

“Sotto is now playing an NBA style alongside strong perimeter players and is forced to find ways to aggressively affect the game without so much touch, ultimately through offensive rebounds, catch-and-shoot jumpers, and rolls Rand comes to the game.

“Most indoor bigs need to modernize their games at some point, and that’s exactly when Sotto is given a crash course while playing with other elite high school prospects in an NBA setting. “

Schmitz noted that Sotto had to build up to keep up with tougher competition from head to toe, but he also praised the UAAP Season 80 Junior MVP’s perimeter game and his court vision – one that he believes is the former Ateneo center could make you stand out from the rest.

“Sotto stayed on his trail more or less offensively in the two scrimmages and showed touch in places in the middle area when left open, but he tried to get through contact consistently.

“Sotto mostly works below the edge on half the court and has the shot to eventually extend it to three, and a vision of adding value as a passer-by in situations with short roles, which is his best chance, a NBA’s role to play offensively, “he wrote.

In these two scrimmages, Sotto averaged 5. 5 points when shooting 2-of-8 from the field (25 percent) to 5. 5 rebounds and 1. 5 blocks, but also 2 committed. 5 fouls and 1. 5 sales in its time on the floor.

After these games, Ignite coach Brian Shaw focused more on Sotto’s defensive presence for Ignite, which Schmitz saw as a work in progress.

“The larger adjustment for Sotto was on the defensive. In both games he defended more ball screens than some newbies throughout the conference game. When he saw him get out and continue to guard, it became clear how much space he must have there in order to grow.

“While running agile on the floor, Sotto was never known for his lateral quickness and he doesn’t project as a tall one who will get off and switch at the highest level,” he said.

“Playing in these situations, Sotto has to learn how to survive in pick-and-roll-drop situations, as we saw from Nikola Jokic and Jusuf Nurkic. Sotto made an effort to keep the ball in check or to get back to his own man, but the hope is that he can use his position length and instinct to add value to the cat-and-mouse game and still improve the ball affect Remove the rag on the edge. “

Given the size of Sotto, Schmitz believes the 7-foot-2 center has the gifts to be a bonafid rim protector in due course.

Even so, his strength remains suspect and something the steadfast Gilas Pilipinas needs to focus on if he is to move to the next level, he added.

“Thanks to his anticipation and his timing, Sotto shows a certain potential in rim protection situations. While he’s not a great run and jump athlete, his 9ft 3 range and good instincts make him a factor in not having to quickly cover the ground to put a lid on the rim, “he said. “Sotto has to keep getting harder on the defensive lens, which hopefully will come when his body matures. “

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