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The Philippine General Hospital (PGH) is facing a staff shortage as coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infections continue to rise in the country.

In an interview with the ANC on Monday September 13, PGH spokesman Dr. Jonas del Rosario that the state hospital continues to struggle with staff shortages as some of its health workers “get sick”.

“Nararamdaman namin yung problema namin with workers. Many of our healthcare workers also get sick. Marami na ring pagode, some are also exposed to the virus, so some of them had to take the mandatory quarantine (We have a staff shortage. Many of our health care workers are also getting sick. Many are tired, some are also exposed to the virus, so had to they put a mandatory quarantine, “said del Rosario.

” A lot of patients are coming in, we are working at full capacity, Talagang has a lot of staff (our staff is really busy), “he added.

Del Rosario said he hoped that COVID-19 booster vaccinations could eventually be made available to health workers as they are considered “high risk” for the virus.

“In a situation where about 70 percent of the Population have not even received a single dose, it is so difficult to claim, making Medyo inequality malaking, “he added.

” [As our health care workers exposed COVID-19 patients I think this can serve as a reason kasi (because) we have a situation that has high risk exposure and lots of front liners (our front liners get high risk exposure.)). ”He stated reported that most of PGH’s vaccinated health workers who had breakthrough COVID-19 infections had only mild symptoms and stressed that “the vaccine protects them”.

“It’s hard to open more beds, more wards, when we don’t have the right doctors to take care of it. Many of our patients are seriously ill and urgently need specialists. “