The clinic-based clinical trial evaluating the potential benefits of coconut oil (VCO) in patients with moderate to severe 2019 coronavirus disease (Covid-19) will go beyond the schedule, which should end by May 31.

“VCO (clinical trial at) PGH (Philippine General Hospital) will go beyond May 31st. We just need to check with Dr. (Jaime) Montoya if there is already an application for a project extension,” according to the Ministry of Science and Technology (DOST)) Secretary Fortunato de la Peña told the Philippine News Agency on Thursday.

During President Rodrigo Duterte’s conversation with people late Wednesday, de la Peña reported that the hospital VCO clinical trial was originally from June 1, 2020 to May 31, 2021.

“Dapat po ito’y matatapos na sana pero nagdaan kasi” yong panahon na bumaba po ang Admission of severe cases see PGH kaya dumalang ang participants. Pero ngayon, dumami ulit ang mga pasyente (The clinical trial is expected to be completed by May 31. However, there was a time when the uptake of severe cases of PGH had declined, so fewer participants entered clinical trials. There are more now Patients.) “He said.

The DOST is also doing an in vitro study on VCO. This is being done in a laboratory to look at the effects of the VCO on SARS-CoV-2.” We saw that VCO really has the antiviral properties, “he told President Duterte in Filipino.

The in vitro studies conducted in Singapore were completed before the end of 2020 because the Philippines does not have a facility for them, de la Peña emphasized.

“This clinical trial was for suspicious and probable cases. Those given VCO were five days ahead of the group who did not take the VCO,” he said.

Last December, the DOST announced -Under-Secretary of State Rowena Cristin a Guevara announced that further studies are needed to evaluate the effectiveness of VCO as an add-on therapy for Covid-19 patients.

“We note that further studies are needed to evaluate the effectiveness of VCO as an add-on therapy for Covid -19 patients and with other comorbidities, “she said, as the community-based clinical study did not include patients with a history of heart disease. with a history of high cholesterol, pregnant and those who take statins. (PNA)

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