“You said after the defeat in Nice that you couldn’t wait for the transfer window to end. Are you relieved that this is the case? The situation has stabilized. We have been able to work a lot and very well in the last few days. The group has consolidated, and it is almost complete since yesterday (Thursday). Unfortunately, we didn’t have a lot of time together.

The truce was it beneficial to digest the slap received in Nice? I do not think there was a problem to digest. The most important thing was to take it upon yourself and react, which we did over the following days. Now I want to see results during the game.

After a winless month of August, is it urgent today to win a match? Yes, but that’s what we’ve been trying to do from the start. We had problems, we were sometimes unlucky sometimes and we didn’t manage to do it. But we shouldn’t put the pressure on ourselves either. You have to play calmly.

What does RC Lens inspire you, a team which has so far shown itself to be very successful away from home? It is a good team which went to win in Monaco (2-0). But they are beatable and we can beat them, like many other teams in France. They press very hard and very high, which can expose them defensively. If we manage to outsmart their pressing, we will have the opportunity to hurt them. This is what we will try to do. As I said before, the important thing is to focus on us, on what we are capable of doing.

“I try to rely a little more on the players who have been there for some time”

Stian Gregersen returned from selection Thursday. Could he make his debut on Sunday? The players who arrived late did not have time to develop automatisms. This is his case. He’s a candidate to make his debut but I’m trying to lean a bit more on the players who have been there for a while.

Unlike Gregersen, Javeiro Dilrosun was able to train with the squad during the international break. On the tactical level, does his recruitment offer you new prospects? It is necessary to give the recruits time to get to know the French Championship better, so that I know them better too. I have high expectations of these players. They have certain characteristics. I want to use them to find our style of play.

With this type of player at your disposal, should we still expect you to return to a four-way defense with real wingers rather than pistons? What is important is not the numbers but the principles of game. We’ve been working on it a lot lately, on “playing together”.

The club does not rule out recruiting a number 9 as a joker. Are you still hoping for reinforcement in this position? I tend not to hope and go with what’s safe. I hope that a striker like Alberth Elis will come back soon, that all the injured will come back. That being said, no coach is against welcoming a player who can make a difference on the pitch.

Where is Elis? We miss him, like all the wounded. But we have to try to “cheat”, and pretend that we don’t miss anyone. I saw it yesterday, and I am very happy with its evolution. He begins to touch the ball, to run without hurting. “

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