The German found a good trajectory on his forehand to the outside and left Ugo Humbert without the slightest response at the end of the second round.

Ugo Humbert made a second double fault and offered the gain of the game to his opponent, who now has a good lead in this second round.

Two double break points for Peter Gojowczyk following a new direct fault in backhand from Lorrain.

The German takes his revenge in this second round and has a three-game lead in his turn. Ugo Humbert is now unable to stem the attacks of his opponent.

Peter Gojowczyk in turn puts pressure on the Frenchman by winning the opposing face-off. Le Lorrain will have to find the resources and quickly reverse the situation.

Three break points in favor of the native of Dachau following a backhand in the net from Humbert.

The German started this second set much better by winning his entry, thanks in particular to a few unforced errors from his rival.

Gojowczyk finds the lane line and is tied with his opponent on his face-off.

Messin outrageously dominated the debates in this first round, relying on a furious serve (4 aces) and good forehand and backhand attacks. A great way to kick off your New York tournament.