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This Monday, September 13, a new episode of Joséphine, guardian angel will be broadcast on TF1. The opportunity for Mimie Mathy to review the success of this series. She mentions in particular her role and her desire to continue in this direction.

Mimie Mathy is not having a very happy time at the moment. On July 5, Progress announced that the actress lost her dad, Marcel, at the age of 89. Unfortunately, she and her two sisters once again had to deal with mourning with the death of their mother, a month after that of their father. Indeed, Roberte Mathy left us at the age of 92. Like the father, the latter was buried in the cemetery of Saint-Denis de Bron. Two losses which are very difficult for the actress, who was very attached to her parents. And for good reason, they made sure never to make a difference between their three daughters: “There was no question of making her own world, for example by changing the position of the switches or by placing objects at her height. You manage, you get on a chair! You will adapt to this world and this world will adapt to you, that’s all ”, Marcel told Télé Poche in 2016.

Thanks to this education, Mimie Mathy found the determination to show the whole world her talent, especially in the Joséphine guardian angel series. On June 7, France’s most famous angel celebrated his 100th episode! A longevity that makes some actors dream. But would Mimie Mathy be ready to continue the adventure? She who is on the air this Monday, September 13 for a new episode, gave an interview to Télé Star, in which she confides in her plans for the future. And don’t think the Guardian Angel will stop snapping his fingers! “I think as long as I’m not being ridiculous as a Guardian Angel, walking with a cane, I’m ready to go!” So of course, maybe Mimie Mathy will give up a little ballast: “Perhaps at a less sustained pace, it is already the case since there will only be two next year, but I am ready to continue as long as we have fun and have beautiful subjects to develop “. The actress even announces new projects: “And that does not prevent me from doing things elsewhere! It is along the way, we are waiting for the broadcast of the third part of Marie Jourdan and if it works, we will do a fourth And I have other projects, but it’s still too early to talk about it! ” Here is a very energetic angel!

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