Philippe Caroit: Commissioner Roche is a distant avatar of Lieutenant Columbo. He plays cat and mouse with Irene. There is a little game of seduction between them …

No, because there is no acting performance. And the police dramaturgy is quite light, since the public knows, from the start, who did it. Damien Roche being recurrent, it is necessary to make choices, because he will know particular situations, according to the protagonists of the various episodes. So I tried to portray a colorful character.

Tonight, you are performing a number of duettists with Astrid Veillon. Did you work on it a lot before filming started?

Since I live in Paris and Astrid is based in the South, we didn’t really prepare it upstream. On the other hand, we quickly came to an agreement on the atmosphere to be created between them.

Perfect Crimes (France 3) – Astrid Veillon: “If I didn’t accept detective series, I would stop working”

Between the crazy young man from Beef-Carrots, whom I played with Jean Rochefort, the science cop in R.I.S and the one in Perfect Crimes, I don’t feel like I’m playing the same character.