Bruno Solo: Indeed, I was already invited, I played an assassin. This time, I’m investigating. Antoine Duléry had to shoot. Unfortunately, it came at the same time as a fiction directed by his wife, Pascale Pouzadoux.

It was not about putting myself in my friend Antoine’s slippers. The writers therefore rewrote the character, who becomes Xavier Lacombes, a 50-year-old gendarme, on the verge of being a dad. This situation gives him a kind of bliss, of casualness in relation to the horror of the crimes to be solved.

You can’t share thirty years of friendship with a guy like Yvan Le Bolloc’h without feeling obligated to love the region.

You are going to celebrate with him the 20 years of Camera Café, created in 2001, on M6, and discontinued at the end of 2004 …

We didn’t want to go on a daily basis. Hence a 90 minute special showing how all of the characters have gotten through the last few years. Imagine how Jean-Claude (Le Bolloc’h, editor’s note), an inveterate misogynist phallocrat, experienced the # MeToo movement… We will shoot in February, for a release in the spring.