Pep Guardiola has big ambitions for his future. The Spain technician has said he plans to leave Manchester City when his current contract expires in 2023, with a desire to try the experience as a coach.

Pep Guardiola, 50, who joined City in 2016 and won three Premier League titles, believes he will need a rest after seven years at the helm of Manchester City.

The former Barcelona player has revealed that his next ambition is to take charge of a national team. “The next stage will be a national team, if there is a possibility. A national team is the next step, ”he said at an XP Investimentos event, in remarks relayed by the Spanish press.

“After seven years on this team, I think I’m going to take a break. I’m going to have to stop for a moment, watch what we did, review the inspirations. And in this process, I would like to coach a national, South American, European team… To play a Copa America, I want to have that experience, ”he added.

Asked about the position of coach of Brazil, the former FC Barcelona ruled out this possibility. Â € œIf a national team will be my next step, yes. Brazil? I believe that the coach of the Brazilian team will always be Brazilian, I do not see any foreigner in teams like Brazil ”.

Guardiola had taken a 12-month hiatus after leaving Barcelona in 2012 after four years at Camp Nou, and joined Bayern Munich in 2013.

Pep Guardiola’s CV is simply spectacular. The Catalan coach cherishes titles on every bench he has served on.

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