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The ruling Democratic Party of the Pilipino (PDP) -Laban passed a resolution on Monday, May 31st, with which President Duterte should be “convinced”, to run for Vice President in the upcoming elections in May 2022.

The resolution was adopted during the party’s National Council meeting in Cebu City. It was Raul Lambino, PDP Laban Vice President for Foreign Affairs, who moved the resolution to be adopted.

According to Lambino, the party received several petitions from various local government units (LGUs) urging Duterte to be included in the polls of the next year running for the second top post in government.

The same resolution also urges Duterte, the party’s national chairman, to elect his comrade-in-arms as president.

It was Duterte, who was previously Deputy Minister of Energy Alfonso Cusi President of the PDP-Laban, had instructed to organize, convene and preside the session of the National Council, said the President’s spokesman Harry Roque.

Roque said the move was “part of the democratic exercise” and aimed at it to consult party members and “have a fruitful and productive exchange on issues affecting PDP-Laban”.

Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao , who was cautious about his presidential bid for the May 2022 elections, had previously issued a memorandum urging PDP Laban members to ignore Cusi’s invitation to a meeting.

The senator’s camp said they would try to meet with Duterte to discuss the party’s position “before the candidacy or earlier if the chairman so wishes”.

Senate President Vicente Sotto III. Said earlier in the day he was considering running for vice president in the May 2022 elections.

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