Pasig City drivers who regularly drive along Julia Vargas Avenue will soon have to adapt as Mayor Vico Sotto has announced changes to the layout of the thoroughfare.

Sotto announced on Twitter that the city government changes the lane configuration of the thoroughfare to include a motorcycle lane and a separate bicycle lane, each 1.5 meters wide. The latter are also separated from the rest of the road users by plant boxes and also painted blue. Appearance:

To make these adjustments, Julia Vargas Avenue will only have two lanes. Sotto said while he expects motorists to complain and request the old format to be returned, this new format will actually be better for the thoroughfare in terms of carrying capacity. He also stressed that this change will make the thoroughfare safer and also encourage alternative forms of mobility.

This is good news as the Ortigas area is relatively popular with cyclists. Providing dedicated lanes for you and other users of alternative forms of mobility is a welcome step towards introducing a more comprehensive road network for Metro Manila. Would you like other areas to adopt this street format?

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