Akanea, designer of management software for supply-chain professionals, and Efficy, publisher of customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, pool their technologies in order to provide a response to development demand and digitalization of the customer relationship formulated by professionals in the transport and logistics sector. “The partnership with Efficy CRM is part of our desire to expand our offer to our customers and future road freight transport customers, seeking solutions capable of combining business data with customer relationship management tools” , explains Hélène Kerjean, Akanea product marketing manager.

In a context of generalized digitization, where more and more transport companies require efficient tools to manage their customer relationship, Efficy’s CRM will thus be integrated into Akanea’s software package. Thanks to centralized access and consolidated reading of customer data, this integration will allow users to gain efficiency and simplify the user experience. “We are very enthusiastic about this partnership because it will strengthen our position in the transport and logistics sector in France where we are already active. […] We are happy that the transport sector is evolving and becoming more and more digital, and that we can help improve their customer relationship ”, declares Cédric Pierrard, CEO of Efficy.

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