As every year, the vote for the projects proposed in the participatory budget opens, Thursday, September 9, 2021, and will last until September 28, with a modified voting method.

The Participatory Budget of the City of Paris is back on Thursday, September 9, 2021, with the voting of the 217 candidate projects. Voting will last until the end of the month.

A vote without a yes or no ballot, this is the novelty of 2021. Four options will be offered to voters: “Favorite, I love it”, “I like it, it’s interesting”, “why not” and ” I am not convinced “. A so-called “majority judgment” poll tested on a large scale.

With 4 types of nuances ❤️👍😐👎 you will be able to express your opinion on each project submitted to the vote. A method developed by @mieux_voter

They will thus give their opinion on the proposed projects, already passed through the sieve of the technical services of the municipality who have pre-validated 217 on projects out of 2,565 submitted. In the projects selected, several propose to cover sports grounds, sport being one of the major themes of the participatory budget. One project insists on speeding up the restoration of the Madeleine Church, when projects call for the renovation of avenues.

The projects are separated between those for all of Paris, and those for the arrondissements. At the end of September, two projects will be awarded for all of Paris. Populated districts and those with working-class districts have more winning projects, underlines the participatory budget charter. The projects are then voted on by the Paris Council in December.

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