As expected, a record abstention marked this first round of voting with a very small turnout, which stood at 15.56%.

The partial legislative of the 15th district, anchored on the left, which includes part of the 20th district, is however a highly symbolic ballot in Paris. And not only because it is a question of replacing for only one year before the legislative elections of 2022 the former deputy (PS) since 2012 George Pau-Langevin, party to join, as an assistant, the Defender of rights Claire Hédon . The result mainly serves as a gauge to examine closely the state of the political forces involved. In this case, the left is very much in the lead, with LR candidate François-Marie Didier winning only 18.36% of the vote.

With 25.59%, Lamia El Aaraje confirms the PS in the lead and will face in the second round Danielle Simonnet (21.04% of the vote), who will defend next Sunday, the colors of rebellious France. With determination: “I am very happy that the left won over 80% of the vote and placed me clearly in the lead,” she says. As of tonight, she adds, I call on all the components to come together behind June 6. I will contact everyone in this regard. “

Equally offensive, the highly media rebellious candidate, advisor to the 20th century since 2001, and whose party leader, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who came to support her in the field, ardently wished to see her join the LFI group in the Assembly, the affirms: “I have all my chances of winning, and I will be in the field tomorrow morning at 8 am to continue the campaign”, asserts Danielle Simonnet, very happy with her score. And well decided to “transform the test”.

Like Lamia El Aaraje, she hopes to convince, in the second round, the voters of Antoinette Guhl (EELV), who offered the green candidate 18, 3% of the vote, and those of Thomas Roger (PCF), who has a very high score. honorable, with 10, 59%. “We share the same fights. There is real political coherence ”.

The second battle of the two candidates for deputy, on the eve of this second round: the fight against abstention. “I can not bring myself to such a low participation rate, insists the candidate PS. I call for a vote, and I will repeat it on the ground. It is imperative that voters mobilize on June 6. “

“I plan to file an appeal”, told us in the evening François-Marie Didier, candidate (LR) for the partial legislative in Paris, who came in 3rd position in the 1st round. The reason for this call: a ballot present in the polling stations this Sunday, authorized by the prefecture, usurped the nomination of En Marche.

Candidates who had nothing to do with the presidential party thus used the En Marche logo. Candidate LR believes that the few points won by this candidacy could have prevented him from arriving in 2nd position, and therefore from qualifying for the second round. “The names on the ballot were not the names of the official candidates, the ballots were not always the same color … all this distorts the ballot”, confides François-Marie Didier, who believes that this could constitute ” a precedent ”problematic.

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