Four partial legislative elections were held on Sunday against a backdrop of heavy abstention. The most observed ballot is that which took place in the sixth district of Pas-de-Calais, where the LREM minister, Brigitte Bourguignon put her seat back into play (her deputy having preferred to remain mayor rather than go to the Palais Bourbon for a year).

Coming first in the first round with 35%, she will face in the second round the candidate of the National Rally (RN), Marie-Christine Bourgeois, who obtained 24%. For the second round, Minister LREM received implicit support from Xavier Bertrand.

Between the macronie and the National Rally, no hesitation for Xavier Bertrand. The LR candidate having failed to qualify, the president of Hauts-de-France calls for a “dam” to the far right. If he did not write “Vote Brigitte Bourguignon” on Twitter, this is the meaning of his message.

Congratulations to the candidates of the Republican right during the 4 #legislativespartials this Sunday @Faustine_Maliar and @fmdidier. Support for @SMetadier and #VictorHabertDassault for the 2nd round. In the 6th of Pas-de-Calais, no hesitation: roadblock to the FN.

Not insignificant when he faces a list with no less than five ministers in three weeks at the Regional, and his main opponent is the RN candidate, Sébastien Chenu. Presidential candidate, Xavier Bertrand, had however tried to take the head of the supporters of “Ni Macron, ni Le Pen” on the right after the first round agreement between Renaud Muselier and the marchers in Paca. But in the event of a duel between these two camps in the second round, he assumes that he prefers the presidential majority, even if it means giving arguments to the RN – which is already campaigning against “the Republicans on the march” – and disappointing its anti-Macron voters.