The results of the first round of the partial legislative election in the 6th district of Pas-de-Calais have just fallen on Sunday, May 30. Brigitte Bourguignon, the Minister of Autonomy, collects 34% of the votes in front of the National Rally at 24%. One in four voters went to vote.

This is relief for Brigitte Bourguignon. The Minister of Autonomy, elected MP for this constituency already twice, leads Sunday May 30 with 34.95% of the vote. It is ten points ahead of the National Rally, led by Marie-Christine Bourgeois, which won 24.02% of the vote.

Faustine Maliar, for the Republicans, makes 19.20%. She withdraws in the second round, and calls to vote against the “National Front, against the extreme right”, although she does not hide her opposition to Brigitte Bourguignon.

The abstention is striking: 76.84% of voters did not go to vote, or more than three out of four voters.

Six candidates were vying for the former constituency of Jack Lang. Brigitte Bourguignon was elected since 2012, first under the PS label before being renewed in 2017 for the Republic in March. She had resigned in July 2020 to enter the government as Minister for Autonomy, but her deputy Ludovic Loquet had not wanted to take the place. It was therefore necessary to vote and this election had been postponed several times due to the health context.

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