A partial legislative election was organized on Sunday, May 30, 2021, in the 15th district of Paris. Two candidates qualified for the second round on June 6.

Eight candidates were in the running in the first round of the partial legislative election organized in the 15th district of Paris on Sunday, May 30, 2021. Two candidates qualified for the second round on Sunday, June 6, despite a very strong abstention.

Voters from the eastern part of the 20th arrondissement were called to the polls to replace PS MP George Pau-Langevin. Among the 77,370 registered, 12,029 voters were counted by the regional prefecture, or 15.54% of participation.

Two of the eight candidates in the running won their tickets for the second round: socialist Lamia El Aaraje and rebellious Danielle Simonnet. Here are the results :

These results must be validated by the vote counting committee. Due to abstention, only the first two candidates qualify. Lamia El Aaraje was delighted with her result, calling for “the gathering of leftist forces” in the second round, while Danielle Simonnet wants “a strong signal” on June 6, to “win” .actu.pub.dfpTargeting .semantique = [“tour”, “lange”, “wine”, “Lange”, “PC”, “twitter”];

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