On the social network, the information circulated very quickly, in a tone of semi-surprise, shortly before 5 pm this Saturday: “It was sure! It was sure that it was going to end like that ”, launches the twitter account“ Stop Crack Eole ”, created by residents of this Garden of Eole (XVIIIth, XIXth), a park initially intended for families, but become a Court of miracles, inhabited day and night by hundreds of drug addicts. This Saturday afternoon, the tension between crack users and residents, exhausted by the insecurity linked to this “annexation” of the sector, took a turn: mortar fire was heard, targeting drug addicts wandering in the garden.

According to the Paris police headquarters, these mortars, which did not injure anyone, were shot by a group of around 20 young people, who acted very quickly and fled when the police arrived. However, one of them was arrested, the others are still wanted. The area then became calm again, but for the residents it was “chaos” and a sign of fed-up that could worsen.

It is also the incident of more, which occurred a few days after an episode whose gravity shook the spirits: the wound inflicted on a 2 year old child, struck by a bag in his stroller, by a woman who s ‘took it out on his mother. Drug addict and suffering from psychiatric disorders, this woman was coming out of the Eole park. Recently, the area has also been shocked by several rapes, committed in the middle of the street, one of which was filmed by a local resident, whose alert enabled the attacker to be arrested.

At around 4 p.m., drug addicts at Jardins d ’Eole were targeted by mortar fire. Families and children were in the Park. The groups of residents who have been discussing for weeks with the Town hall, specify that this does not come to them in any case and condemn. pic.twitter.com/bhiINsDS53

However, the “Aeolus problem” is about to find a solution – in principle – on Wednesday June 30, drug addicts have to leave the garden. The mayor (PS) of Paris committed to it eight days ago, during a meeting on the subject with representatives of the inhabitants, elected representatives of the districts concerned and professionals in the health and social care of drug addicts. . For the inhabitants of the district, the happy prospect of finding their park does not however counterbalance the doubts. “We have the greatest concerns about the implementation of this evacuation, and how can we be sure that they will not come back to the gardens, to the neighborhood? »Reacted to this announcement a member of Collective 19, which brings together residents of the Stalingrad area and the Eole Garden.

According to the latest hypotheses, despite the reluctance of the mayor of Paris to specify the destination of the evacuated drug addicts, the latter should remain in the 18th century, and could be temporarily accommodated on the Ordener-Poissonniers wasteland (18th century). A site far enough away from homes, large enough and suitable for conversion to set up a large-scale health and social system. More lasting solutions should also be the subject of probably lively discussions at the next Paris Council, on July 7, whose agenda announces a debate on “the solutions to remedy the problem of crack in the North-East. Parisian ”. The mayor of Paris is also committed to the creation of consumption rooms, like the place opened almost 5 years ago near the Gare du Nord (Xe)

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr