A 23-year-old pizza delivery man was violently assaulted in the 10th arrondissement of Paris this Saturday evening. He was severely beaten up by several individuals during payment and had the pizzas he was bringing stolen.

The pizza delivery was an ambush. A restaurant received an order of around 100 euros around 10 p.m. on Saturday evening, reports BFMTV. One of the delivery men from this chain of pizzerias was tasked with bringing it to the customer, as he has done every evening for two years, in the 10th arrondissement of the capital. But this time the delivery turned violent.

Cheikh showed up with the pizzas ordered at 11 avenue de Verdun, near the Gare de l’Est. Two people were present for the reception. Cheikh then took out his bank card machine for payment. He was then thrown to the ground and severely beaten. There were seven attackers, all young adults, according to testimony.

🚨 ASSAULT Av. De Verdun 😪 10 guys from the city ordered pizza for 100 €, hid in the planted earth then attacked him. On land, firefighters intervene. The 10th becomes Sacred from day to day @ACORDEBARD @prefpolice @ Mairie10Paris #saccageparis pic.twitter.com/S4kvolxSe9

The victim became uneasy under the blows and passers-by came to help him. “It was well planned because they were the ones who placed the order,” said the employee to our colleagues. “And 10 minutes later, they even called back to find out where it was.” Cheikh was taken to Lariboisière Hospital and suffered from facial trauma and jaw pain, among other things. 4 days of Total Incapacity for Work (ITT) were attributed to him. He filed a complaint.

Cheikh says he was not the first delivery boy to be assaulted on Avenue de Verdun. “It even looks like a world without law,” he laments.

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