A 2-year-old child was injured in Paris last week by a drug addict with psychiatric disorders. The images of the toddler’s swollen face sparked the anger and despair of residents of the Eole Gardens district (18-19th), invaded by crack users.

“Baby assaulted in his stroller by a drug addict. Result the child almost lost his eye, a few centimeters … “posted on Twitter, the account of the collective of residents Stop Crack Eole.

As of Monday, the four photos showing an injured child in the face have been widely shared on Twitter.

@Anne_Hidalgo @EricLejoindre @FrancoisDagnaud @GDarmanin @olivierveran @JeanCASTEX baby assaulted in his stroller by a drug addict Result the child almost lost his eye, a few centimeters away … #jardin #EOLE #Stalingrad @BFMTV @CNEWS @ LeParisien_75 @ 20Minutes @ TF1 pic.twitter.com/eNE2gsKnhL

Shortly before, in rue Adama, near Place Stalingrad in Paris, a 40-year-old woman was punched in the face by another woman whom she described to the police as “African, thin, women. messy hair, dirty skin ”. A 67-year-old man, seated on a terrace, was also slapped by the same person, whom he tried to catch up to, to no avail. Finally, another person was pushed down the stairs of the Stalingrad metro station by this woman.

Moments later, the drug addict crossed paths with a mother who was walking with her 2-year-old child in a stroller. The child was hit with the strap of his purse, which contained various objects inside.

The suspect then continued on her way towards the place of the Battle of Stalingrad. The child, who suffers from a swelling of the right cheekbone with a hematoma and a slight non-suturable cut, was transported by firefighters to Robert Debré hospital.

The police officers of the BAC of the 19th arrondissement identified the suspect thanks to the report which had been communicated to them. This woman was described in particular as a drug addict. Called twenty minutes later, she did not appear to be intoxicated, but was slightly “mentally confused”.

She was unable to present identity papers, but showed the police a hospital bracelet with her first name, last name and address. On Monday, she was deemed irresponsible for her actions and placed in a mental institution. The police discovered that she was the subject of a search sheet issued about ten days earlier for “person in a depressive state likely to attack his life”. Currently, three complaints have been filed. The baby’s condition is no longer a concern.

The inhabitants of the district cannot take any more. Overwhelmed by the nuisance, they widely protested against the presence of crack users. Some went so far as to shoot fireworks in their direction. From now on, Stalingrad Square is guarded by the police. But residents now have the impression of having had their park confiscated. This incident only rekindles tensions. Anne Hidalgo, the mayor of Paris, has pledged to release the park by July 1 at the latest.

Ref: https://www.cnews.fr