76% of French people support the organization of the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024, a membership that is growing over time, and 30% of them plan to attend the events, a demand that will be far greater than the supply of places. Respondents associate the Games with many positive qualifiers: they convey positive values ​​(81%), bring people together (78%), contribute to the influence of a country (78%) and are spectacular (75%).

Initiation (88%) and participation (78%) of the general public in the events, opening ceremony on the Seine (78%), handball tournaments in Lille (80%) and surfing in Tahiti (71%): the French are in favor most of the decisions. The only downsides: fear of too expensive Games (80%) and the disappearance of karate (79% opposition) in favor of breakdance (49% approval).

Here are the main findings of the latest survey conducted by Odoxa for Keneo and RTL. The survey was carried out using the internet quota method on Wednesday September 1 and Thursday September 2, 2021 with a sample of 1,005 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over, including 593 sports fans. Discover the details of this study in five major points.

In a little less than three years, the 2024 Olympic Games will begin in Paris. This prospect excites a large majority of the French population. 76% of our citizens believe that the organization of the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris is a good thing. Obviously, sports fans are even more convinced of this (87%) but note that all categories of the population support Paris 2024.

This is nothing new: before the designation of the capital, the French already overwhelmingly supported his candidacy. But support is still growing. In April 2016, 61% of French people were in favor of organizing the Games in Paris: they were 69% in February 2017 and 76% today. For the moment, therefore, there is no sign of opposition to the Games, as the cities of Rio in 2016 and Tokyo have experienced this year.

The enthusiasm of the French is such that a significant proportion of them plan to buy tickets to attend the events in 2024. No less than 30% certainly (10%) or probably (20%) plan to attend. a discipline.

Compared to the adult population, this represents more than 15 million French people. Without counting the foreign public, the demand should therefore be much higher than the places available.

If French support for Paris 2024 is unabated, it is mainly because our fellow citizens are very positive about the Olympic Games in general. First, for what they stand for. The Olympic values, dear to Baron Pierre de Coubertin, are still extremely popular in France. For 81% of French people and 87% of sports fans, the Games convey positive values, and according to 78% of French people and 86% of sports fans, they are also unifying. This is a significant contribution to a country that is believed to be increasingly fractured. More broadly, they are also convinced that the Olympics contribute to the influence of a country (78% and 85%) and therefore of France in this case, just a century after the last organization of the Olympics. Sports games: they overwhelmingly qualify them as spectacular (75% and 83% among sports fans).

Beyond what the Games represent in general, the French very much approve of the decisions taken by the organization of Paris 2024. First, the opening of the Games to a wider audience. Initiation to Paralympic disciplines is approved by 88% of French people and 92% of sports fans. Another innovation to “democratize” the Games: the participation of the general public in certain events, such as the marathon, an idea appreciated by 78% of French people and 81% of sports fans. The relocation of certain disciplines has caused controversy. The French see them favorably: 80% of them and 84% of sports fans consider the organization of handball tournaments in Lille to be a good thing. Likewise, the progress of surfing in Tahiti is approved by 71% of French people and 75% of sports fans. Finally, the organization of the opening ceremony on the Seine rather than in a stadium, as is the case traditionally, is acclaimed: 78% of French people and 82% of sports fans consider it a good idea.

There are still some negative elements. The first is structural: while they overwhelmingly believe that the Olympics generate jobs (73%), the French consider that they are still too expensive (80%). One of the strong commitments of the Parisian candidacy, however, is to reduce the organizational costs that explode with each Olympiad. The second thorn in the side of the organizing committee concerns the disciplines present. Karate, on trial in Tokyo, was not selected for Paris 2024. Gold medalist Steven Da Costa tried to change the situation, but was unsuccessful. He can tell himself that he has the support of the population: this decision is not at all understood by the French: 79% of them and 80% of sports fans think it is a bad thing. Especially since the introduction of breakdance among new disciplines is not popular in the public opinion: only 49% of French people and sports fans believe it is a good thing.

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