In Saint-Denis, parents of students held up signs in front of the Lycée Leconte de Lisle. Others were also mobilized in front of the Lycée Lepervanche in the Port. Parents are protesting against the vaccination campaigns organized in these establishments for pupils over 12 years old.

In the department, the Regional Health Agency and the rectorate have planned vaccination campaigns from Monday in these two schools, as well as the Roland Garros high school in Le Tampon.

Yesterday, the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer indicated, in an interview with the JDD, that young people over 12 years old who wish to can be vaccinated through their establishment. “Depending on the situation, either mobile teams will come to vaccinate in the establishments, or we will organize the movement of student volunteers, in connection with the health services, to the vaccination centers”, explained the Minister.

For her part, Chantal Gawronski, principal of the Léon de Lepervanche high school, in the Port, explains that “for two years, our young people have been sacrificed, they can not do anything outside of schools, so we suggest they get vaccinated on the on a voluntary basis and with the permission of their parents “.

A high school student reacts: “on the one hand I am shocked by a vaccination here, but on the other hand, it is the high school that decided”.

Last week, the “Parents 974 Mobilization” association called for a demonstration for “empty schools” on Monday in front of the three high schools concerned. “The high school students want the vaccine to follow classes normally and go out with their friends, these reasons are valid for them, but we regret that this blackmail is done to them, because with this vaccine we fear for the health of these young people in good shape” , says Chrystel Marti, president of the Parents 974 Mobilization association.

To be vaccinated, children over 12 years old must have permission from their parents. In middle and high schools, in case of contamination of a student, those in his class who are not vaccinated will be subjected to isolation.

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