Beautiful consecration for the Kingdom. Athlete Saida Amoudi gave Morocco their first medal at the Tokyo Paralympic Games after winning bronze in the shot put.

Saida Amoudi won the bronze medal with a throw of 8.21m, which allows her to finish third in this event. She was edged out by Poland’s Lucyna Kornobys (8.60m) who won the silver, while the gold went to China’s Lijuan Zou with 9.19m, a world record.

In the javelin throw (class F34), Amoudi and Moroccan Fouzia El Kassioui occupied, respectively, 6th (15.29m) and 7th places (14.18m). The Chinese Lijuan Zou won the gold of this competition, setting in the process a new world record (22.28 m).

In the F34 javelin, Amoudi had already caused a sensation in February, during the Fazza International Grand Prix in Dubai, during which she imposed herself with a performance of 15.73 m and at the F34 weight (8 , 33 m).

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