“I’m not ashamed to say it, I played my first Games at 20 and fell for the magic of the Games. The village in Beijing was huge. I got caught moving around a lot, going to the international zone. I made a lot of mistakes but I capitalized on the rest. I learned that the Paralympic Games are not all about sport, it is about sharing, about people and if we put people at the center of it. ?? is the way to succeed in your Games. I arrived at the stadium nervously speaking. On D-day you have to be 150% physically but also nervously, the fact of moving often, you creates a little fatigue, not much. In 2008 I didn’t do everything until D-Day to be a top athlete. “

“In London, I don’t regret making the mistakes of 2008. In 2012, I arrived saying to myself” if you want to succeed on D-Day you mustn’t do that, you have to try to organize it like that. “I may have been a little too extreme in my way of doing things. I cut myself off from the link to others. Between 2012 and 2016 I changed a lot in my way of doing my sport. In London, I was under the pressure but I was able to get the title on the 100m in 13â € ”26. Then, the 200m was much easier because the objective was fulfilled. ? Be supported by an incredible audience. “

“In Rio I have engaged another mode: I have to protect myself as an athlete but you cannot cut yourself off from sharing. I have found © the right balance It is because I found the right balance that I plunged again that I took for five years of more In Rio I had a much lighter state of mind I worked a lot with a mental trainer which allowed me to arrive as a conqueror without cutting myself off from the pleasure of the other, the public. made it possible to go for world records (59â € 27 over 400m and 5m83 in length). I was injured a few weeks before Rio, I had a lot of doubts. “

“So I tried to create confidence in myself. In these moments, you also have to know how to turn to people who know how to accompany you. In Rio, I was aligned with four disciplines, there was the goal of a gold medal. I was aiming for it in the 400m or the length. From the moment I won My first test the games were all “good.” These Games were magical because Nantenin Keita (400m T13) was also a medalist from… ?gold.”

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