A paraglider stuck at the top of a wind turbine, a breeder leaves Amour est in the meadow … Here is the recap ‘of the week of August 30 and September 5 in Seine-et-Marne

Were you unable to follow the news this week in Seine-et-Marne? No problem, La Rep will recap for you the information to remember between August 30 and September 5, 2021.

Seine et Marne. The standoff between refinery employees and Total continues in court
Employees of the Grandpuits refinery have appealed to the administrative court of Melun concerning the risk analysis put in place by Total for its conversion project.

Television. The Seine-et-Marne breeder leaves the program L’Amour est dans le Pré
Hervé Courtois, a pig farmer in the town of Obsonville, has left the program L’Amour est dans le Pré, which airs on M6. He confides in this short adventure.

Antigenic tests. Bad times for pharmacists in Seine-et-Marne
Pharmacies are overwhelmed with requests for antigen tests. One more mission for these establishments, whose staff are sometimes on the verge of nervous breakdown.

Seine et Marne. Why was a paraglider stuck on an EDF pole in Moret?
If you passed through Moret, and in particular through the Renardières area on Tuesday afternoon, you have undoubtedly seen a paraglider hanging on an EDF pole.

Seine et Marne. Sick, a 69-year-old couple expelled from their F 3 in Vaux-le-Pénil
A 69-year-old couple, in poor health, have just been kicked out of their F3 in Vaux-le-Pénil, managed by Trois-Moulins-Habitat. He had a rent debt of 5,000 €.

Seine et Marne. This photographer from Combs-la-Ville immortalizes the movement of light
Matthieu Kuba, a self-taught photographer from Combs-la-Ville, has embarked on light painting, an artistic practice that is as little known as it is breathtaking.

Seine et Marne. For lack of sufficient runners, the Course des remparts de Provins threatened?
After the cancellation of the 2020 edition, the Course des remparts de Provins returns on October 3. But one month before the event, registrations are struggling to take off …

Seine et Marne. A Savoyard restaurant has opened in the heart of Moret
Eski opened on July 30 and offers fondue, raclette and other traditional mountain dishes at 8 rue de l’église.

Erwan and Tiphaine saved a mother and her baby after the earthquake in Haiti
Erwan, a firefighter from Seine-et-Marne, and his mother, Tiphaine, a nurse in Brittany, saved a mother and her newborn baby during a humanitarian operation in Haiti.

Near Provins. Without a license and without insurance, he runs over a young cyclist
An unlicensed motorist ran over a young cyclist in Poigny, near Provins.

Melun. He escapes to pay a stormy visit to his dying mother in the hospital
An individual escaped from prison to pay a stormy visit to his dying mother at Melun hospital. He threatened the director of the hospital and was sentenced.

Wanted by Interpol, a Marseille drug trafficker is arrested in Seine-et-Marne
Kamel Meziani, a figure in Marseille narco-banditry, was arrested by law enforcement at the Fleury-en-Bière toll booth at the end of August, in Seine-et-Marne

Seine et Marne. The stars of the Variétés Club de France perform at Melun
Karembeu, Rocheteau, or even Da Fonseca: many football celebrities have responded to the appeal of the Varieties Club de France and the Mutuelle Garance.

Seine et Marne. A strike will affect the Transdev network on September 6 in Melun and its surroundings
A Transdev inter-union from the Melun Val de Seine agglomeration filed a strike notice from Monday, September 6. The bus network will be disrupted.

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