The Taliban announced on September 6 that they were dominating the Panjshir Valley. This inaccessible area north of Kabul belonged to Commander Masoud’s son. It was the last stronghold of resistance, never in the hands of the Taliban.

The Taliban hoist a flag at the Governor’s Palace in Bazarac, the capital of Punchr, eastern Afghanistan. This is the image they want to show the world this Monday, September 6, capturing the last bastion of resistance to fundamentalists. “On behalf of our Islamic Emirate, we guarantee that you will not be hurt.” Declare the Taliban to the locals.

In Kabul, a spokesperson told a press conference that any rebellion would now be severely suppressed. The message is addressed to the son of Commander Masoud, who has taken up the torch of resistance. The latter calls for a national uprising. “I encourage all the brothers and sisters to stand up, demonstrate and collect their weapons.” he said in a radio message. “If this victory is confirmed in short, it will be a very powerful and symbolic victory for the Taliban, who show their military strength. Discover journalist Dorothee Ollieric live from Kabul. “If we manage to occupy this seemingly impregnable Panjshir valley within days, it will establish their nationwide power.” The reporter continues.