THE LATEST failure of Senator Manny Pacquiao to wrest the title from Cuban Master Yordennis Ugas has only highlighted the need to stop focusing on boxing (and making dollars) and devoting any remaining useful time to Senate work should. Why should the good senator invest time? for boxing when he’s vowed to serve as lawmaker? Is it greed for money and fame?

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The adage that one cannot serve and perform two masters at the same time is entirely true. At the advanced age of 42, Manny can no longer muster enough strength and top speed to defeat his opponents. Indeed, this situation was evident in his struggle against the younger and more agile Ugas. After the fight, Pacquiao reportedly complained of pain in his legs and eyes, the latter due to the rough edges of his opponent’s gloves, which hit him hard several times! The decision in the Ugas fight must have an illuminating effect on Pacquiao. It was he who, contrary to his boasting that he would knock out the Cuban thug, had to accept a U-turn and run his political career for the presidency. In this interview, he listed his 22 rounds of plans for his government, the main ones being to get rid of the poverty of millions of Filipinos, livelihoods, and poverty eradication. I saw the cruelty of Pacquiao as I saw his platform of government and his sincerity in fulfilling his promises. Minalas pa si Duterte dahil in Pandemya. Susi!

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