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Malacañang announced that it was President Duterte who commissioned Energy Minister Alfonso Cusi to organize and lead a National Council meeting for members of the ruling party PDP-Laban. </ President's spokesman Harry Roque made the statement after incumbent PDP-Laban President Senator Manny Pacquiao issued a memorandum instructing party members to “ignore Cusi's call for a national assembly “.

In a statement, Roque said it was President Duterte who instructed Cusi to discuss party-related issues.

” Energy Minister Alfonso Cusi became deputy chairman of the ruling PDP-Laban party instructed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, who acts as chairman, to organize, convene and chair the council meeting, “Roque said on Sunday.

” This step, which is part d it is a democratic exercise, aims to consult party members and to have a fruitful and productive exchange on issues affecting PDP-Laban, “he added.

It was reported that Cusi Pacquiao on May 19th on first wrote to inform him that a session of the National Council was called on May 31. Part of the agenda was “Administrative matters in preparation for the 2022 national elections,” which Pacquiao is said to be keeping an eye on the presidency.

In a statement on Saturday, Cusi said the meeting was aimed at consulting members on how they can support Duterte’s agenda when he enters his final year in office.

Cusi also said in a separate statement on Friday that the meeting is important so that they can examine what the party has achieved and what else ” must be done ”.

In March, Pacquiao Cusi warned not to” split “members of the ruling party while the group was being set up for the 2022 presidential election.

Cusi was allegedly a PDP-Laban -Members who have asked President Duterte to run for Vice-President next year.

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