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The camp of Senator Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao on Sunday rejected reports from President Duterte who instructed the energy minister Alfonso Cusi to hold the session of the Partido ng Democratic Cong Pilipino ( PDP) laban this Monday.

This came after President Spokesman Harry Roque confirmed that Cusi had been hired as vice chairman of the ruling political party from Duterte, the party chairman was to hold a National Council meeting to assess the state of the party five months before the deadline for submitting the certificates of candidacy for the 2022 elections.

Ron Munsayac, Executive Director of PDP-Laban, said Cusi was not authorized to convene a council meeting .

“With all due respect to the President’s Speaker, the PDP Laban has its constitution and statutes for a reason. It is very clear that ONLY the chairman (President Duterte), in coordination with the party president (Manny Pacquiao), can call the National Council and / or the party assembly ”, Munsayac told reporters when he wanted to comment on the matter / p> “If this alleged council meeting is approved by our chairman, why have we not received a formal notice from Chairman / President Duterte, but only an announcement from his spokesman, who is not even a party friend?” he added.

According to Munsayac, Pacquiao, the incumbent national president of PDP-Laban, will ask Duterte to formally discuss the agenda for the “legitimate council meeting”.

“Let’s follow the right process. Senator Manny Pacquiao will request a meeting with Chairman / President Duterte so that the two party leaders can discuss and set the agenda for the legitimate National Council meeting, which will be set a month before candidacies are submitted or earlier at the request of the Chairman. “Added.

However, Munsayac said he found it regrettable that the policy was disrupting government programs to combat the pandemic, which they believed was a much-needed activity.

” (It is) so unfortunate that politics is at the center of the pandemic. All our God given energies should be directed towards the country being able to be great after this crisis, “he added.

Pacquiao previously had members of the PDP -Laban “strongly advised” to ignore Cusi’s invitation to attend the National Assembly.

In a memorandum circular signed by the Senator, Pacquiao said the “invitation letter is not approved by authorized National Council officials and is against Section 4 and Section 5, Article XVI, Constitution of the PDP-Laban, violates. “

Pacquiao emphasized in the memorandum that any request for a National Council would only be approved by Pacquiao and the party chairman The neophyte senator previously warned Cusi not to “split” the party after it reportedly toured the country to consult party friends to support a resolution calling on the incumbent president to run for Vice President in the upcoming elections in May 2022.

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