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Boxing icon and Senator Emmanuel Pacquiao said he didn’t have one yet Decision on whether he will seek the presidency, the vice-presidency or give up politics.

When asked whether the Partido Demkratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) group of the energy minister Alfonso Cusi during an interview with CNN Philippines at his residence in Los Angeles (USA) on Friday the 27th has spoken to no one.

Pacquiao said every decision he makes fe, must be based on discussions with members of his family and close friends who could advise him.

The Cusi faction of PDP-Laban has the tandem of Senator Christopher ” Bong ” Go and President Duterte for the presidential and vice-presidential races and is expected to formalize this during their September 8th Congress.

Pacquiao, recently overthrown as PDP Laban president, is a member of Senator Koko Pimentel’s faction.

He said he was considering on whether he is seeking the presidency, seeking another term in the Senate, or stepping down as a civil servant.

When asked if he was open to an alliance with any party, Pacquiao said that Vice President Leni Robredo of the Liberal Party (LP ) was a person he would speak to when he returned to the country.

“I am open on one condition: Pareho ang Goals namin (we have the same goals),” he emphasized.

An First is the corrupt behind bars followed by restoring the economy, jobs, the housing that informal settlers would have homes in Metro Manila in four to five years’ time, sustainable development among other things Vice-president, Pacquiao said it was easy to make announcements, but “I have no self-interest.” Meanwhile, the 42-year-old ring warrior said he didn’t feel bad about socializing -Media trolls lately.

But Pacquiao admitted that, unlike this form of fighting, he’s no longer young in his 20s.

“Wala Muna Boxing,” Pacquiao replied to a question, whether there would be a rematch between Pacquiao and Yordeni Ugas.

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