Chris Shaw


Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is determined to make scoring a habit after clinically firing a volley in the Liverpool friendly against Hertha BSC on Thursday night.

The number 15 struck in the 88th minute – the seventh of the evening in Innsbruck – when the Reds were beaten 4: 3 against the Bundesliga club in their last preparation for the season.

The entertaining competition also saw them highly anticipated return of Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez, who were introduced simultaneously for the final 20 minutes after being on the sideline since last year.

After the game, Oxlade-Chamberlain spoke to about his new one Offensive position this summer, the lessons from the defeat against Hertha and his appreciation of the special moment for Van Dijk and Gomez.

After months of hard work together, back on the pitch together.

A fitting moment ❤️

Good and bad. I think we controlled the game well at times and played good football, but of course sometimes when it came down to it we made some mistakes and we weren’t good enough. They are a good team and they punished us. There are some good things to do – we are still building – but we have to be more consistent and resilient in the games as we get closer to the season. I think that’s the main thing.

I feel good, I feel sharp. The difference between training and playing is, of course, the length and periods we play for and the heat – you have to get used to that. I have to build on that because if I get the ball after 30 or 40 minutes in play I can still get the ball and do my explosive runs. It all comes a little more. But i feel good Obviously it’s a new little role up there that I’m enjoying very much; it’s similar to the more advanced midfielder on the team. Defensively a little different, which I have to get used to because I think Bobby does it better than anyone else in world football. It is not easy to follow him in this. Having the ball is nice, I can get into nice positions and get the ball, so I enjoy it. If I play in this position more often, I think my main thing is to contribute with goals because I feel like we can do a lot in and around this area, and even if I play in this position in midfield – a little more advanced – I feel like I can score goals. I definitely want to bring that to the team when I play there. So it’s good on this front. As I said, I’m still building up and so are all of us. We have to keep improving because we definitely have more to do and more is to come.

It was a nice moment to see her coming – it distracted me from the fact that it was scorching hot and I blow! Nice to see them come and clap them. I’m really happy for her. Of course, I know exactly what they went through – each path is a little different to a certain extent – but I know how much hard work they put in and they were a small tag team helping each other out. So I’m very happy to see you come back at the same time. They were really good at training, looked really sharp. Obviously now it’s just fitness and durability that they’re going to be building on. It’s a huge win for us to have them back on the pitch and in and around the team because they are both characters that are huge for the team. I was happy for her.

It was nice, it was really nice. The support here tonight was brilliant, it was a little reminder of what we missed. Of course we got a little glimpse of the last game of the season at Anfield Road with the fans. When you see these guys here again, you look forward to what’s to come. You never take it for granted, but you can forget how much the fans can help you during a game when the going gets tough. These guys did that for us today. I’m especially happy to see everyone back on Anfield.