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More than 24,000 fully vaccinated seniors in Makati City have from Mayor Abigail “Abby” Binay said on Tuesday (August 3).

(Photos courtesy of Makati City LGU / MANILA BULLETIN)
The Makati City local government offered such an incentive to encourage more seniors to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

The city government began distributing 1,000 P. gift cards on July 5th. So far, a total of 24,352 seniors have received their gift vouchers. The mayor said the incentive is one of the city’s measures to overcome vaccination hesitation, especially among the seniors who are at high risk of developing severe symptoms from COVID-19, the mayor of the number of seniors who are opting for the COVID -19 vaccination in category A2. By the end of July we had registered around 50,000 seniors. Of these, 44,121 received their first dose of the vaccine while 35,813 received their second dose, ”the mayor said. “Ideally, we should achieve 100 percent vaccination coverage in older people. However, it would still depend on their willingness to vaccinate and the availability of vaccines, ”she added. According to the mayor, the first batches of the one million vaccines purchased by the city are expected later this month. “In the last few months we have done everything we can to increase the registration rate of Bakuna Makati among the target groups. We want to make sure that every time we get a partial shipment of the one million doses we have bought, we have enough people to vaccinate and that we get supplies from the national government, ”she said. Binay found that the vaccines the city-procured at two doses per person cover 500,000 Makatizen, both residents and temporary workers. Makati City must vaccinate approximately 430,000 people, or 70 percent of the city’s estimated population, to achieve herd immunity.

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