This Wednesday, September 15, several prefectural measures follow the severe bad weather that hit the Gard and to a lesser extent the Hérault the day before. School transport is impacted in Hérault while in Gard, schools will remain closed.

The day promises to be even more complicated, this Wednesday, September 15, while a further deterioration is expected. The departments of Gard and Hérault are still the subject of orange vigilance for rains and thunderstorms. After the intensity of the episode of the day before, the prefectures announced several measures, which particularly concern schoolchildren.

In the Hérault, it will be difficult to get to schools for students from the four sectors affected by a suspension of transport. In a press release, the prefecture indicates that it is Montpellier Nord-Ouest; Montpellier Mauguio; Lunellois and the college of Sommières.

To find out if your sector is concerned, you can enlarge the map by clicking on it. The four sectors mentioned above and in which school transport is suspended this Wednesday are numbered from 1 to 4.

After the severe weather that caused a lot of damage in the Gard on Tuesday September 14, especially in schools, Marie-Françoise Lecaillon, prefect of Gard issued a prefectural decree announcing the closure of schools in the Gard tomorrow, Wednesday September 15 .

Students from schools, colleges and high schools will therefore not be able to go to class. The prefecture also indicates that all have returned to their homes the night before.

For once we are not talking about Vidourle as well as Sommières, a Cévenol episode low clouds hit the mountain and dump their entire fleet. This is not the first time and unfortunately the last, especially for Nîmes.

Well if we can no longer make the appropriate remarks it is no longer worth making a comment

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