The Devils bowed to France this Thursday evening. But, on social networks, the Belgian Football Union decided to ironize this new setback …

Opposed to France in the semifinals of the League of Nations, the Devils experienced a new disillusionment … However, the Devils had believed they had done the hardest in the first period. Thanks to the achievements of Yannick Carrasco and Romelu Lukaku, Roberto Martinez’s men started the second period calmly. But it was without counting on the return of the Blues. Via Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappé (from the penalty spot), the flock of Didier Deschamps returned to the meeting twenty minutes from time.

And this equalizer was only the beginning of the problems for the Belgians. After losing their captain Eden Hazard to injury and seeing a goal from Romelu Lukaku canceled, the Devils conceded a goal from Theo Hernandez a few seconds before the final whistle …

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An inevitably very disappointing turnaround for Roberto Martinez’s men and their many supporters. But, faced with this immense disappointment, the Belgian Union decided to ironize the situation. At half-time of that same meeting, she posted the score on social media with the following comment: “Well, that’s a comfortable lead! “