From August 30 to 31, on the site of the Indiscrète factory in Chauvigny, only one rule will apply: that of first come, first served. About 1,200 end-of-collection pieces made in France, fine lingerie available at discounted prices. Two days of clearance sale, operation seduction to try to make itself known to the general public, and gain new customers.

This is the first time in eleven years since the creation of the brand that such an event has been organized. The business transaction may seem trivial, but means a lot to Béatrice Mongella and Christelle Blois, the two directors and co-founders of the brand, as well as to Michel Gouzon, the director of the company for two years now. Everyone gives their own: Michel at the cash desk, Béatrice takes care of the receptions and Christelle, she manages the customer advice.

“We will be moving soon, we are expanding,” explains Christelle Blois. “We will not make a margin on these sales, but we hope to make ourselves known through our low prices”. Because after complicated financial years, marked by a receivership plan from which Indiscrète emerged in early July, the manufacture is now working on expanding its premises and opening a shop.

In total, nearly 400m² of additional space will be provided for by the 36 employees of the company. At the moment, workers are putting on the painting of the boutique, the very first, which is slated to open in mid-October. “It’s going to be 50m², it’s big, so we’ll have to fill it with new collections” laughs Christelle Blois.

The pandemic put the brakes on the economic health of the country, but the small expert hands of the lingerie brand were able to pull out of the game during the first confinement of March 2020 and diversify their activity.

“Since the covid, many French companies and French start-ups have asked us to take charge of part of their production” explains Christelle Blois. “It’s boosted our finances, that’s what keeps us going.” That, but also the manufacture of masks. “We made more than 100,000, that saved us.” A diversification of their business which made them gain notoriety.

Since 8:30 am this morning, sales have been running at the factory and customers who have come to benefit from Indiscrète’s know-how at a lower cost have shown up. For Christelle Blois, having succeeded in turning the company around is not a source of pride but rather a tribute.

“It was the solidarity of customers that allowed us to lift our heads above water. That and Didier’s gesture … He must not have done that for nothing ”. It is with great emotion in her voice that she refers here to Didier Degrand, one of the other co-manager of Indiscrète lingerie, who committed suicide in the Chauvigny clothing factory. “This fight to straighten the box, we fought for him,” says Christelle Blois. “It’s not pride because it’s a great wound that will never heal. To have passed the course, to have left the continuation plan, free of all debts, it is a tribute “.

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