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A quarantine control officer who allegedly requested cash from a woman before sexually assaulting her in her home is facing similar charges, police said Wednesday.

The accused had been trained by the Canadian Public Health Agency as a designated control officer under the Quarantine Act, Halton Regional Police said.

According to a police statement, the defendant conducted a quarantine compliance check on a home in Oakville, Ontario on February 18.

“The defendant informed the victim that he was violating the quarantine order and requested payment of a fine in cash,” police said. “When the victim refused to pay, she was sexually assaulted by the accused.”

Police said they arrested a man on Tuesday whom they identified only as Hemant, 27, from Hamilton. He has been charged with sexual assault and extortion.

Police also said he worked for one of four private security firms hired to enforce isolation orders.

Police refused to reveal the name of the security company employing the man, but said he had been suspended.

Const. Steve Elms, a police spokesman, said the defendant, who is on bail until he appears on March 23, appears to have only one name.

The investigation was sparked by a complaint from the alleged victim, said Elms, who had no further details.

Designated control officers visit quarantine sites to confirm the individual is where they are in quarantine when they arrive in the country. Failure to do so could result in fines.

Public health inspectors appointed by the Canadian Public Health Authority are not police officers and have no authority to issue a ticket or arrest anyone.

As a result, police said, inspectors should never ask for payments of any kind during a quarantine compliance check.

Police said other people may have been victims and urged anyone with a similar experience to contact the local police.

So far there have been problems with quarantine guards. Last year, private security service providers at a quarantine hotel in Melbourne, Australia were accused of sleeping with guests, Herald Sun reported.

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