The public has been instructed to stay within 500 meters of the blasting site.

A plastics factory went up in flames in an explosion near the international airport of the Thai capital Bangkok on Monday At least one firefighter was killed and 29 people were injured, officials said.

Heavy black clouds of smoke rose from the city center, 35 kilometers away, as helicopters continued to drop foam from the air onto the site.

The explosion occurred around 3 a.m. at the Taiwan-based Ming Dih Chemical Co., which is on the outskirts of Bangkok near Suvarnabhumi Airport.

By noon, 500 residents were in the vicinity of the area relocated two emergency shelters, including a nearby school about 9 kilometers away, where elderly residents in wheelchairs waited to return to their homes.

Rescue workers drove through the surrounding neighborhoods in ambulances and asked thousands of residents over loudspeakers to go to their safety.

The public had been instructed to stay within 500 meters of the explosion site, said Lieutenant General Ampon Buarubporn.

“We don’t know if anything can explode,” he said, adding that authorities are still working to get the fire under control.

According to official reports, Ming Dih Chemical Co . expanded polyester – colloquially known as Styrofoam – and has been in operation in the Bang Pli district since 1985.

Next to the location of Suvarnabhumi Airport – which saw massive black clouds over the airport runways on Monday – houses the 500 -Meter radius around the factory also includes about 300 factories and residential areas with 240 communities.

“We have sent air quality vehicles to check the air around the area and will work with the pollution department, “said Industry Minister Suriya Juangroongruangkit.

Around 5 p.m. – 15 hours after the pre-dawn explosion – the fire was still raging, sending clouds of smoke into the sky.

Several Fire engines, watercraft and two helicopters were used to put out the fire, which left debris and gnarled metal beams.

“Two flights carried 6,000 tons of foam to extinguish the fire,” said Deputy Home Secretary Niphon Boonyamanee.

“We are supporting operations with our full capacity so that the situation can be under control as quickly as possible.”

The traffic in the area got into chaos when the authorities blocked a main road running parallel to the airport during heavy traffic Fumes from burning plastic permeated the area.

Thitipong Choke-umnuay, who worked about 10 kilometers from the factory GT and escaped the impact, said his close family members were not so lucky.

His aunt had been evacuated to his office after the blast badly damaged her home.

“Today she will be in mine Moving house in Lat Phrao (in the center of Bangkok) because she cannot live in her house, “the customs agent told AFP.

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