Uncharted, Tour de France, Nerve, Snowden

Every day, find the program of films and series to watch on TV. Tonight: a Spanish horror film, an animated film by Mamoru Hosoda and Vincent Lacoste in the midst of a female dictatorship.

Season 1 Episode 13: The Research Unit pursues a cyber-stalker who intends to take revenge on those who he believes have wronged him. Hana admits to having suffered this kind of harm and her stalker may well help them; but his help comes at a high price!

Season 2 Episode 5: Lila and Nino get dangerously close to each other during summer vacation in Ischia. This breaks the heart of Lenu, who feels betrayed twice.

Madrid, 1976. The Olmedo family settles in the district of Malasaña. They are excited to move to the capital, at a time of profound transformation for Spain. But there is something the family does not know yet: in the house they bought they are not alone … A mysterious presence wants to take them out of their new home and will turn their new life into one. most frightening nightmare.

Kun is a little boy with a happy childhood until the arrival of Miraï, his little sister. Jealous of this baby who monopolizes the attention of his parents, he gradually turns in on himself. At the bottom of his garden, where he often takes refuge, is a genealogical tree. Suddenly, Kun is propelled into a fantasy world where past and future will mingle. He will meet his loved ones in turn at various stages of their lives: his mother as a granddaughter, his great-grandfather in his hectic youth and his teenage little sister! Through these adventures, Kun will discover his own story.

Season 8 Episode 3: Rose Anderson, a graduate student at Saint Sebastian College, is stabbed multiple times while jogging along the riverbanks. Her roommate, Chloe Ilson, confides that Rose saw a man whose identity she took care to hide, and that they had just broken up brutally. According to another witness, Rose was involved in an accident with a cyclist, followed by a hit and run for her. As for the young woman’s thesis director, Philippa Garwood, she says that she was preparing a thesis on a Greek tragedy …

In the People’s Democratic Republic of Bubunne, women have power, command and wage war, and men wear the veil and look after their homes. Among them, Jacky, a twenty-year-old boy, has the same unattainable fantasy as all the bachelors of his country: to marry the Colonelle, daughter of the dictator, and to have lots of little girls with her. But when the General finally decides to organize a big ball to find a husband for her daughter, things get worse for Jacky: mistreated by his in-laws, he sees his dream gradually slip away …

Alex Farraday, one of the best robbers in the world, comes out of retirement to perform one final heist and steal precious diamonds. When her face is accidentally revealed during the operation, she is forced to flee the city. She becomes the target of the CIA and an international criminal organization, desperate to make her disappear. It’s not all about diamonds, but Alex still ignores it. As they must neutralize her by all means, Alex’s opponents quickly realize that she is the most dangerous prey they have ever stalked …

Season 12 Episode 1: High seas, Bernier returns to Nice with Lucas after a six-month suspension. On the ferry that brings them back, Lucas comes across the lovely Rose Orsini, a former colleague of the SR. Bernier is not fooled, given Lucas’s confusion, these two have shared much more than an office … The reunion is strained when Isabelle Orsini, Rose’s mother, disappears …

Lisa Joy

Hugh Jackman, Rebecca Ferguson

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