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Every day, find the program of films and series to watch on TV. Tonight: a New Zealand detective series, the World Trade Center tragedy by Oliver Stone and two brothers-in-law take a gamble to quit smoking.

Season 1 Episode 3: Following a hypnosis session, Jeanne recovers the memory of that evening and the circumstances of the rape. She now believes that Thomas drugged her and then raped her. As she wants the police to investigate this, she is amazed to find that the case is closed. She will then have to prove Thomas’s guilt on her own.

Season 1 Episode 3: Max and Elsie manage to locate Karin, who manages to escape their vigilance. Max visits Moritz’s superior and discovers that his brother deserted the army after his unit entered the Dachau concentration camp. Izosimov locates Elsie’s husband. Meanwhile, Moritz continues his punitive expedition and visits Berta Spiel’s workplace.

Season 4 Episode 5: The team steps in to save workers trapped in their burning factory. Maddie reveals a family secret about her childhood with her brother.

Season 1 Episode 1: Barely disembarking in the small town of Queenstown, the young Maori inspector Ariki Davis is called to the One Lane Bridge, where lies, in the river, the lifeless body of Grub Ryder, a farmer appreciated by his community. If anything suggests suicide, Ariki suspects murder, immediately drawing hostility from his boss, Stephen Tremaine.

September 11, 2001. Stifling heat reigns from daybreak in the streets of New York. Will Jimeno of the Port Authority Police Department wonders if he’s going to take a day off to go bow hunting. He eventually chooses to go to work and joins Sergeant John McLoughlin, as he and his PAPD colleagues begin their daily tour through the streets of Manhattan. A banal day that begins like so many others …

Deep in the Arctic Ocean, as Submariner Commander Joe Glass tries to locate a distressed American submarine, he discovers that Russian terrorists are plotting a coup that threatens to disrupt world order. Glass must now assemble a troop of Navy SEALs in order to save the Russian president held hostage and avoid World War III …

Bernard is a teacher in a suburb and lives with Victoria. Didier is a wealthy pharmacist from the 19th arrondissement of Paris, married to Murielle, Victoria’s sister. Everything opposes the two beautiful brothers and they hate each other. During a meal with the parents of their respective wives, they bet to quit smoking for two weeks, that is to say until the next family reunion.

Cary Joji Fukunaga

Daniel Craig, Rami Malek

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