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“Insecure” focused on the destinies of young, middle-class Californian African Americans living in a neighborhood in southern Los Angeles.

In five seasons, this endearing saga has succeeded in composing a singular music, between universal questions and fine representation of the black American middle class. Review before discovering the final on OCS City from this Monday, December 27.

At a time when the curtain falls on the lives of Issa and her friends, is the heroine embodied and inspired by Issa Rae as “insecure” (as unsure of herself) as in the early days of the series ? The question arises, so much the waltz-hesitation of this African-American thirty-something from the southern suburbs of Los Angeles have become the little familiar music, and so singular, of this autofictional and generational comedy-drama, launched in the fall of 2016 on HBO (and in the aftermath, in France, on OCS).

Without revealing the ins and outs of this final season, fans can be reassured: until the end, the young woman, whom we had discovered recalling her doubts to her reflection in the mirror, remained faithful to her indecisive nature. A propensity for zigzags and flip-flops that has sometimes confused viewers traditionally accustomed to more tense narrative arcs and more striking script twists.

Suspended situations, characters with erratic trajectories and a particular rhythm which, more than a trademark, constitute the undeniable charm of Insecure. This is not the only originality of the program, adapted by HBO after the success of a first web series created by Issa Rae on YouTube (and produced by Pharrell Williams), The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl – the actress, author and producer in also pulled a book.

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