The General Director of Public Assistance – Paris Hospitals, Martin Hirsch was invited this Wednesday December 22 at the microphone of France Info to explain the situation of hospitals in France facing the 5th wave. In addition to the general fatigue of healthcare professionals, and their “2.7 million additional hours achieved this year”, Martin Hirsch makes the point. update on the arrival of the Omicron variant in the hexagon.

“You would have to be deaf, blind and not have a sense of smell to say that the hospital is fine,” says Martin Hirsch. For the director, we must congratulate the students engaged since the start of the pandemic and recognize the state of great fatigue in hospitals. “Ã ?? the hospital, it has not stopped for two years “, he says, because” the needs are much greater without having had reinforcements ” “. Between the different peaks of the pandemic, the rescheduling of operations or the lack of support, the situation is tense.

ð ???? £ ï¸ ?? Covid-19: “In the hospital, it hasn’t stopped for two years (…) Staff have worked more than 2.1 million additional hours” says Martin Hirsch

Another subject of concern, the arrival of the Omicron variant in France, the dominant strain by the end of the year according to the Minister of Health, Olivier VÃ © ran at the microphone of France Inter, on Saturday December 18th. For Martin Hirsch, “His progress is inevitable in France as elsewhere”. And will even replace the previous strains. “Two doses are not enough, the booster dose seems much more effective”, according to the 58-year-old man. It would even seem that this variant is transmitted by young people.

ð ???? £ ï¸ ?? Omicron should be in the majority in France between Christmas and New Year: “Its progression is inevitable (…) In France as elsewhere, Omicron arrives by places where we see each other a lot and therefore more by young people” explains Martin Hirsch

“I think everyone has to take the measure of the problem, of their responsibility and their capacity to protect”. As the end of the year celebrations and New Year’s Eve get ready, Morning. Hirsch appealing to reason and solidarity. “To meet 25 in a room to dance is crazy,” he says. Even when you’re 25 and you’re on three doses, ”Martin Hirsch replied to the journalist.

ð ???? £ ï¸ ?? End of year celebrations: “If we have planned to dance at 25 in a room, now is not the time” warns Martin Hirsch

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