A big fear. Shortly before 3 am, in the night from Friday to Saturday, an individual “tried to break into” the home of the DVD mayor of Poissy, Karl Olive, waking up his family at the same time. The elected official confided on social networks, believing that “the omerta does not lead to anything”. “Upon awakening suddenly there were knocks on the portal and uninterrupted ringing,” he explains, pointing to a “very difficult night for [his] family”. Fortunately, the worst was avoided.

Warned by the barking of his dog, according to Le Parisien, the family immediately contacted the police, causing the individual to flee. Solicited, the urban supervision center then quickly found its traces via video surveillance. “On the images, he implores the sky, hits the portal, before depositing a letter of threat in the box,” said the city councilor. Finally, “thanks to the cameras, the responsiveness and the efficiency of the police, the individual was arrested at his home at 2 p.m.,” he adds, visibly relieved.

Having lodged a complaint for disturbing the peace of others by sound attacks, Karl Olive hopes that the attacker “will not benefit from a simple reminder of the law”. He also recalls that this kind of action should not be trivialized and that “the elected representatives of the Republic, whoever they are, are increasingly threatened”. “We must not accept it”, asserts the co-founder of the Génération terrain movement, “next to each elected member there is a family”. This is not the first time that the mayor of Poissy has faced such acts, he who had already received death threats a few months earlier.

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