Pablo Longoria was invited to the National Assembly for a hearing as part of the information mission on TV rights in sport yesterday afternoon. The Marseille president has made several proposals to make Ligue 1 more attractive.

Yesterday afternoon, President Pablo Longoria was invited alongside Jacques Cardoze to the National Assembly during a hearing as part of the information mission on TV rights in sport. For several hours, Pablo Longoria spoke about all the issues affecting French football. He tried to find solutions to make Ligue 1 even more attractive than it already is.

“TV rights in football are the most stable income for a club, it is very important to develop our business model, and to have a strong league. Establishing an economic model only around player transactions would risk putting us in the same category as many minor leagues. We have seen in Sweden and Norway that the level of the teams has dropped as soon as there was no longer stable income such as TV rights. »Pablo Longoria – Source: National Assembly (09/15/2021)

In addition, Pablo Longoria then continued that TV rights were poorly exploited in France. According to him, the product is not always adapted to the demand of the supporters. For Pablo Longoria, football must adapt to the media transformation that has been in place for several years now.

“We are going through a media transformation. The world is changing, and so is the way we consume television. Sport, and football in particular, must adapt to this transformation, to the shift from traditional television to OTT. There are always the traditional supporters, the loyalists of a club, but there are also the three-minute consumers. This is the society of immediacy. They want highlights, goals… Tomorrow we will play a Europa League match against Lokomotiv Moscow. I consider the people who are going to watch this entire game to be Moscow fans or OM supporters. Anyone else who wants to watch the Europa League tomorrow is going to look at the multiplex to see all the goals. »Pablo Longoria – Source: National Assembly (09/15/2021)

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