At the meeting of the LFP disciplinary committee, Olympique de Marseille was not invited while OL were. An unfair decision according to OM’s communications director Jacques Cardoze, who did not hesitate to let it be known to the LFP offices. The National Council of Ethics did not appreciate the behavior of the Marseille leader.

Following the incidents during the OL-OM match, the Marseille club expected further penalties for the Lyon club. On site during the meeting of the LFP disciplinary committee with the presence of OL, OM was not invited and this put OM communications director Jacques Cardoze beside himself. The National Ethics Council did not like his behavior and let it be known.

“The National Council of Ethics strongly condemns the remarks made by Mr. Jacques CARDOZE, communication director of Olympique de Marseille, on December 8, 2021, in front of the headquarters of the Professional Football League, on the occasion of the meeting of the Disciplinary Commission called to rule on the incidents which arose during the match between Olympique Lyonnais and Olympique de Marseille. Mr. Cardoze indeed declared, among other words, even though the decision had not yet been announced, that “the disciplinary commission is illegitimate (…) parody of justice (…) all that is a shame for French football (…) today we do not recognize this disciplinary commission… ”Such a declaration is inadmissible and irresponsible. It is not acceptable to come to the media at the LFP headquarters without being invited, to put “pressure” on its judges, to try to discredit bodies without knowing how it works and to fall into such populism. The disciplinary committee of the LFP is perfectly legitimate and independent, made up of people of integrity and concerned about the application of the rule of law. The process employed is all the more unsuitable as the decision was not yet known; it would have been interesting later to hear Mr Cardoze speak out on a decision that he wanted. We are in a state of law and it is up to the clubs dissatisfied with the decisions of the committees to draw the possible legal consequences and not to indulge in insignificant comments that do not meet the security stakes. The CNE considers that the duty to set an example must more than ever guide the words and behavior of the various components of football “Source: FFF

So far, OL have not appealed the decision which seems to satisfy the club. Jacques Cardoze was not penalized for his comments.

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