Highly anticipated after a relevant transfer window, Olympique de Marseille have made an interesting start to the season. The Marseillais adhere perfectly to the philosophy of their coach Jorge Sampaoli, which remains a mystery for Jean-Michel Larqué.

In a rather unusual 3-2-4-1, Olympique de Marseille have shown good things since the start of the season. Jorge Sampaoli’s side are not necessarily the most balanced, hence the many chances conceded. But his offensive animation, in particular thanks to the quality of his wingers, does a lot of damage in the opposing camp. This enthusiasm obviously appeals to Jean-Michel Larqué. But for his part, the RMC consultant does not understand the tactical intentions of the Argentina coach.

“Sometimes it’s very messy,” said the former Stéphanois. I’m not sure the players still understand what Sampaoli expects. We have seen tactical changes, somewhat bizarre adjustments. It works, but I don’t think you can do a season just on enthusiasm, you need something else. What I would like is that we can decipher what we see on the pitch. Maybe the players decipher it. But the Sampaoli method, at the moment, is hieroglyphic. Sometimes you don’t know who is doing what, but it works. “

“It’s enthusiasm, it’s fireworks. But honestly, I still find it hard to imagine that it could still work in 38 games. There will inevitably be hollow moments. I believe that with the squad he has, Sampaoli has to manage his players and give them a framework. At the moment, there is painting, it’s a bit abstract, it goes all over the place, the painting is pretty good. But I think that at one point or another, it would be necessary to frame things a little bit, “advised Jean-Michel Larqué before the shock in Monaco on Saturday night.

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