In recent weeks, Pablo Longoria, the president of Olympique de Marseille, has drawn the wrath of French coaches.

The new president of the Marseille club never hesitates to say what he thinks. Some time ago, he gave a long interview in a Spanish newspaper to give his vision of football, and in particular French football. With this interview, supported by a press conference at the Velodrome last week, Longoria has made quite a few enemies in Ligue 1. Critics have indeed surrounded the Spanish leader. What Eric Di Meco still does not understand.

“People who criticize Longoria haven’t read everything he says. They saw the sentences taken out of context. I am interested in this debate. Any self-criticism can help. In Longoria’s vision, there is some truth and some falsehood, there are some interesting things to progress. I don’t see why he couldn’t give his opinion on French football because he’s a foreigner and because he’s 30 years old. He gives his vision, with his culture. We would do well to listen, in France, to what people say about us abroad. The French give lessons to the whole world. But we do not do things … By force, foreigners pass in front of us. Besides the question of coaches, it is the subject of training that interests me. I think Longoria is not wrong. France has been a great formative country. Many countries have stung what we have done. Except now the others are ahead in team play, in what a player learns in terms of play in a training center. And all this explains the current crisis. In France, the club seeks to sell its young to make a capital gain. And when he goes abroad, the youngster has to finish his training as a team player because he has shortcomings. But in the end, Longoria didn’t say anything serious! He even said that France had real talents, “detailed the RMC consultant, for whom French football would do well to draw inspiration from Longoria’s work to move up the slope on the European stage.